Delta 8 Rice Krispy Treat

(6 customer reviews)


Top Pick.  You’re looking at the best and most powerful Delta-8 Rice Krispie Treat

In This Sampler Pack You Receive:

  • 2(two) individual 400 mg Rice Krispy Treats
  • Ingredients: Marshmallows, Rice Krispy, Butter, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt
  • Size: 2 (400 mg) Rice Krispy Treat

The benefits of Delta-8 vary for each individual. JustDelta8 does not make unsubstantiated medical claims about our products and they are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.


Top Pick.  You’re looking at the best and most powerful Delta-8 THC vape cartridge products on the market. $28.00 per sampler pack.

6 reviews for Delta 8 Rice Krispy Treat

  1. Dude67

    Delicious and powerful?Just8 dont play great company ,great prices, fast ship,high quality and veryyyy effective products, I’ve tried them all?

  2. Valek Tenney

    My Krispy was really good and big, it felt and tasted like D8 and I was very satisfied. Thank you.

  3. Ice Cream

    These are the strongest I’ve ever eaten so much potential and very calming experience also taste very good ?

  4. jbuddyman

    Edibles hardly do anything to be, ( sometimes but rarely ) but every time I buy a 3 pack from them, they always slip me a free one of these. And man do they taste good!

  5. oneilltracy165

    It was good but I only received 1 of the 2 I was supposed to get

  6. oneilltracy165

    All good I had a little issue and gave 3 stars because of it but they made things right and customer service alone sent me back to change it to 5 stars. They made things right and where super friendly!

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