Live Resin True Review HHC/Delta8/THC-P Blend Sampler Pack (3)

(10 customer reviews)


True Review Selected Live Resin Strains.

You will get 3 special curated and selected carts chosen by True Review Himself! The blend is 20 % THC-P 40% Delta 8 and 40 % HHC

Legendary Larry

White Skunk

Diablo OG

The benefits of HHC vary for each individual. JustDelta8 does not make unsubstantiated medical claims about our products and they are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.

10 reviews for Live Resin True Review HHC/Delta8/THC-P Blend Sampler Pack (3)

  1. John doe

    True review is one of the best cartridge and cannabinoid reviewer on YouTube he knows what himself and his viewers would like great idea collabing with him.

    Like always great products great costumer service

  2. That one stoner

    As true review has said himself, THESE ARE THE MOST POTENT ON THE MARKET!!!

  3. Ben B.

    These are top shelf carts…strong effects last a lot longer than other blends I have tried from other companies…very tasty carts if you liked the cdt hhc carts this site offers you will love these…Before this one my old favorites were the honeyroot extrax, the splats extrax, lights out and the torch burnout blend but these true review carts blow them all away…lightning fast shipping this time around…ordered monday and got in mailbox thursday same week…I also got some extra goodies in my envelope….THANK YOU!!!

  4. 577 Jersey

    Im toking on the blue dream D8/CDT cart I got a while back from you guys because TR and his videos sent me.
    I just want to say its the best d8 cart I ever had.Im ordering these THC-P carts tommorow and i hope they are just as good if not better.
    Looking forward to the carts..i left a 5 star just cause yall deserve it no matter what strain Im reviewing.

  5. jbuddyman

    If you are looking for the STRONGEST legal cannabis product, this is it. It’s been a while since I’ve bought from just d8 which I regret and won’t make that mistake of buying other companies again. These have everything that’s out there beat. The reason for this is because of 20% THCP. You will not find any other product with that much. People who are new to cannabis are recommended to sticking with the regular d8 or hhc carts. These ones are really for serious stoners. With that said these put me on my balls every time. Thanks Alvin chang

  6. Dareelone420

    These are amazing carts. I was skeptical at first being a veteran d9 user. These are the real deal taste 5/5 high 5/5 duration 4/5 if you dont want to pay full price for dispensary carts, these are your go to. 🙂

  7. Jeremiah Junk

    Fantastic will definitely be ordering more!

  8. sbs420yolo

    Awesome taste – tastes better than some of the weed I’ve got! Awesome buzz – it’s a nice way to take a short little break from all the thc-a! Awesome price for 20% thcp – I mean really!! What else is there to say…

  9. Kenny Bear

    Started with legendary Larry. Hands down the Best cart I’ve had so far. Taste and potency 10/10.

  10. True Review

    Just D8 is more than gettin stoned for an affordable price. the customer service is also great and no one has beat the taste of the Legendary Larry Bird yet lol

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