Live Resin True Review HHC/Delta8/THCO Blend Sampler Pack (3)

(7 customer reviews)


True Review Selected Live Resin Strains.

You will get 3 special curated and selected carts chosen by True Review Himself!

Each sampler pack will include at least Skunk OG and Blue Cookies
and one other flavors from the following list:

Lemon Sherbet
Sherbet Cake
Skunk OG
Blue Cookies
Sour Diesel

The benefits of HHC vary for each individual. JustDelta8 does not make unsubstantiated medical claims about our products and they are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.

7 reviews for Live Resin True Review HHC/Delta8/THCO Blend Sampler Pack (3)

  1. Irving Rixner

    Smooth drags and excellent taste

  2. Hunter Watson

    These carts are amazing! I personally wouldn’t have picked any of the strains they sent me,and I got one that’s not even on the site, so I wish we could have the option to pick at least one strain ourselves, but over all zero complaints, great quality, thick, And for the price? Hard to beat! I will most definitely order again

  3. Kenny Bear

    JustD8 is the BEST. Alvin and his crew TRULY care about their product and their customers. Ordered a few of these samplers and the taste is amazing. Super potent and clean puffs. Shipping is super fast and accurate. They take care of their customers like no other company. Buy here if you like potent QUALITY carts with exceptional customer service at a very very reasonable price.

  4. John

    After having some troubles with shipping for a while I’ve finally received them. I must say it was definitely worth the wait because True review wasn’t lying at all when he reviewed these carts. Extremely potent and tastes like the real deal?. Props to the owner and true review for picking out these cdts!!

  5. Mary Jane

    These are straight gas. Terps on these are better than any other brand I’ve had. At the price you can’t beat them.

  6. N

    Been a good experience with these guys, always get extra with orders. This mix has been great, cdt seems to offer the best flavors with decent potency. will be back again for hhc/cdt after these are gone. can’t beat the quality and quantity. Lasts me months at my consumption, no complaints. Right to my mailbox with no bs on every order within a few days.

  7. T

    Damn this hits hard! The true skunk terps taste exactly like they sound. The effects on this mix is really nice too! These are quality carts.

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