HHC Premium Vape Cartridge Sampler Pack of 3 Cartridges

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You receive 3 individual vape cartridges containing HHC with CDT ( canna derived terpenes) .

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a new cannabinoids that is hitting the scene. It has slowly has gain popularity over the last few months as it has been used as a delta 9 alternative as the high is very similar. If you are looking for a more stronger high than delta 8, this could be your choice! We are proudly able now to present our HHC at an affordable price that will be hard to match.

Three Random Flavors In Each Sample Pack:

  • White Widow (CDT)
  • Golden Goat (CDT)
  • Skywalker OG (CDT)
  • Size: 1ml Ceramic Cartridge

The benefits of HHC vary for each individual. JustDelta8 does not make unsubstantiated medical claims about our products and they are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.

14 reviews for HHC Premium Vape Cartridge Sampler Pack of 3 Cartridges

  1. Ben B.

    These carts win….hands down these carts are some of my favorites from any company…They have powerful effects and taste great…I think the skywalker was my favorite out of the 3…it had a very fresh kinda earthy taste…I love this company…you cant beat the price…I think this is my 3rd or 4th order from this place and all of my orders were shipped quickly and I got a extra treat in all my orders…however I do not know how that works so I dont expect it but appreciate it when I get a extra treat…and as far as the brownie goes….my goodness….tasty brownie [kinda like the old school little debbie brownies]…and that thing sat me down for the night….THANK YOU!

  2. Jeff / Tracy Crowther

    These carts are awesome ? Skywalker OG is ?? taste like some top shelf bud.. also the customer service is top notch.. nothing but good things from this company and if something isn’t right they will make it right..can’t go wrong

  3. Ben B.

    What a amazing sale…There was no way to pass up…This site has some of the best products that are fairly priced…quick shipping and top notch customer service…what more could you ask for?…This is my 2nd order of these and after a week with them I promise you they are well worth it…I got a new gorilla glue one this time and this one might take the cake…The white widow is amazing…kinda similar to the skywalker in terms of effects…the golden goat has grown on me…its a super creeper…I got clementine and grape ape for the sale freebies…they both taste amazing…The terps are not too strong and both have a great grape/orange flavor….they also had great effects….the clementine was also a creeper…and to top it all off they also threw in a free fruity pebble crispy…This one is my favorite of the edibles this site sells…tasty and will sit you down…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  4. Igwe

    ???? great product better than the Delta 8 CDT this huc is strong and long lasting i was a previous buyer of the Delta 8 CDT which I love very much but now I will be only purchasing these they are the truth

  5. godisgood0238

    These carts are tasty pretty potent, as in 1 good rip and you will immediately feel them. They also contain real CDT’S with out question. In a nutt shell these boys are as legit as there oils. I’ve purchased from many places and rarely do I get any free carts or edibles. I ordered 3 d8 cdts and 3 hhc cdts I received 9 carts and 1 extremely fresh fruity pebbles edible which was also very tasty and potent. In a world of extremely greedy parasites, these guys have GOD (aka love) in their hearts and for that reason alone their company will only ascend higher and higher, as they step on the necks of greedy competitors with they love and fire oils. GOD bless every reader and your loved ones as well.

  6. Dude67

    Just d8 is awesome,good prices, great products, fast ship and great customer service,cant go wrong ?

  7. Rayban

    Man Just D8 KNOCKED IT OUT THE PARK ? , these CDT carts take HHC to the next level, skip the bdt’s these are worth the extra money.

  8. Edward Cossack

    Amazing company& Amazing people…like Alvin an extremely helpful kind person every product potent& pure! No u…this company won out of many for me..dont hesitate to try them out!Just look at the prices..I highly suggest the cdt hhc line. Amazing! Lifetime customer. Ed Cossack

  9. Edward Cossack

    The company keeps impressing me! I.keep ordering& they keep hitting it out of the park!! New flavors always & consistently potent& pure! I smoke d9 daily …but with the prices, quality& the people. ( thank you Alvin) can’t be beat! Stop wasting time& money on lesser products& companies. Run…dont hesitate to make your purchase today!! P.S. always a free treat in your order…always!! This company is going to the moon…and I’ll be with them!! Ed?✌️

  10. seaotta4907

    Tasted amazing and the cdts are definitely real plus I’m high as hell so no complaints,
    keep up the great work!!

  11. apeygoal

    Best HHC Carts

  12. KendallJ

    Without a doubt, one of my favorite businesses that I use today. An incredible consistent product that always comes with an extra surprise that takes the experience to the next level. If I buy I cart online, it will ONLY be from these guys. Thank you for your amazing business practice, product, and service

  13. Kenny Bear

    You can’t beat the price and the quality. Great customer service also. Ceramic carts air flow is perfect. Potent and tasty. Shipping is fast. Good job guys!

  14. Edward Cossack

    Well…Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…just d8 comes.out with an amazing live resin. Hhc Thco& d8 blend…they keep getting better as we all tr y & keep up with all the alternative canabanoids.we can all count on just d8 to be there with the best product available..IMO. AWESOME JOB!! Edward Cossack

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