HHC Cartridge Sampler Pack (3 BDT Cartridges)

(6 customer reviews)


Top Pick.  You’re looking at the best and most powerful HHC vape cartridge products on the market.

In This Sampler Pack You Receive:

  • Three (3) individual HHC cartridges
  • Flavors: Apple Fritters, Grape Ape, Clementine, Gelato
  • Size: 1ml Ceramic Cartridge

The benefits of Delta-8 vary for each individual. JustDelta8 does not make unsubstantiated medical claims about our products and they are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.


Top Pick.  You’re looking at the best and most powerful Delta-8 THC vape cartridge products on the market. $28.00 per sampler pack.

6 reviews for HHC Cartridge Sampler Pack (3 BDT Cartridges)

  1. FadedEyes420

    Just tried the Grape Ape HHC cart. Super Smooth and has great sweet grape taste. Took 3 to 4 big hits and have been feeling good. Creeps up and keeps climbing. Heady/Spacey. Will get you in the eyes as well. Stronger than the D8 in a different way. Using one of each at same time will give great effects. Love everything these guys have been doing for a while now. After 20 mins has been getting heavier very relaxing and could make some want to go to bed. Glad they started doing HHC.

  2. 88

    Paid for these worth every penny honestly some of the best carts I’ve ever tried ?? Cannot beat the price I’ll be back for more ??‍♂️?

  3. KimmeK

    Alvin and his crew are the best!!!! Excellent customer service!!!! Now HHC!?!?!? What a great price and effects from these HHC carts. The flavors are great and , as stated , the effects are WONDERFUL!!!! I am a repeat customer and I will be back for more!!! ( Altho, I have plenty stocked up at this point, you can never have too much, am I right? lol)

  4. irvrixner

    MAN!!! These HHC carts are straight ? ? ? 0

  5. jbuddyman

    Now it is no longer just d8 store, but just d8 and hhc lol Very nice! These carts definitely did the job for me

  6. Ray

    Great HHC with a good build up! I’d defiantly recommend ,stronger than other companies i’ve tried.

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